Natural Hair Salon: My Hair Kan-Du

Hey there beautiful,

One thing that I have yet to see since the big chop is a natural hair salon near me.  I live 90 minutes from NYC and I have been doing my hair at home for almost 3 years now and this salon is a MUST HAVE for my area.

I get several compliments on my hair on a daily basis and there are a lot of people who would love to go natural but have no clue as to how they would start the process.

The salon offers:

-Natural hair care

-Natural products made on site

-Friendly stylists

-Reasonable prices

-Extensions, braids, locs

If you live in Orange County NY and have natural hair and want to try a place that is sure to please, you should check out

My Hair Kan-DU

21 North st.

Middletown NY!


Product Review: Taliah Waajid: Curly Curl Gello

Hello all,

So I picked up a jar of curly gello from my local beauty supply store and I have to say that I am very pleased with my latest purchase.  This Gello is very light and smells absolutely amazing!  I have very thick, kinky hair and I used the product before doing two-strand twists for the night.  I applied the product to dry, untangled hair and made several twists then let it set overnight.  My twist out in the morning was great and not greasy at all!  I get a lot of residue from most of the products that I use.   This product left no residue on my hair.  Being that it is a “gello” I am glad that there was not a stiff, dry hold.  My hair was neat and my curls were intact.

Would I purchase this product again?  WITHOUT A DOUBT!



Product Review: Design Essentials Leave in Conditioner

I have found another product that is a MUST HAVE for 4C naturals!  I decided to spend the few extra bucks on DE leave in conditioner because I have extremely dry hair and the summer heat wasn’t treating my tresses well at ALL!!

I paid $10.79 for the product a my local beauty supply store.

My take:  The leave in is very lightweight and comes out in a light mist.  I used the product when I have my had in chunky twists as a protective style.  I sprayed it throughout my scalp in the morning and before going to bed and it did not leave any residue or build up.  It made my natural hair very soft and smells good.  When i removed my extensions my hair wasn’t tangled and was still nice and soft.  Will purchase again!!!


Product Review: Shea Butter

Like many problems there is a natural cure that usually is more effective than anything found in a bottle.  Shea butter is made from the nuts found on the African Shea tree.  I purchased my tub of natural shea butter from my local beauty supply store for $3.99.  It came in a plastic container as a chunk of raw yellow shea butter.



Here are 5 reasons why you should use Shea Butter:

1. Deep hydration for hands and feet: can be worn overnight with socks or gloves to soothe dry, cracked skin

2. Prevents wrinkles: can be used as an anti-aging balm to renew cell and prevent wrinkles

3. Hair sculptor: tame and sculpt hair to hold it in place. It is also good for defining curls

4. Natural soothing cream: helps to soothe irritation from mosquito bites and reduce swelling

5. Lip balm: great for soothing dry cracked lips and protect the lips for cold, harsh weather


These are just 5 ways that I use my raw shea butter.  It is found in several products but there is nothing like the real thing.  Here are 50 Ways to Use Shea Butter and best of all is you can reap all of the benefits of shea butter without the crazy price tag of a brand.


Best of luck beautiful



Product Review: Creme of Nature with Argan Oil Perfect Edges Hair Gel

Good Afternoon to all of my beautiful followers.  I hope your day is off to a blessed beginning.

Summer is on its way and the weather is absolutely beautiful so I decided to switch up my do.  I picked up a jar of Creme of Nature’s Perfect Edges hair gel from my local beauty supply store and put it to the test for my frohawk hair do of the day.

I like this hair gel because it’s not greasy and didn’t flake on me.  I applied it to my edges along with a spritz of extra virgin olive oil and used a tooth-brush to make sure the product was applied throughout hoping it would hold up.


This is me after a long day at work with my edges still in place.

It definitely got the job done and I would purchase it again without hesitation.

Thank you creme of nature!!!

Natural Hairstyles for Special Occasions

I will be walking the stage with my Bachelor’s degree of science from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2 weeks!!!!  I am beyond excited and anxious to walk the stage after 4 lovely years of hitting the books.

As i put some thought into my attire for graduation of course I had to think of a few hairstyles that would work with me being that I have to wear my cap for the ceremony.  As you all know I did the Big Chop last October and I wear my hair out everyday but it is too still too short to fall down enough to fit under my cap.

I am sure that there are tons of successful, beautiful natural sisters out there with the same dilemma.  I made an appointment at a salon downtown to get my hair professionally done for graduation.  Here are the options that I am considering:



I am a little worried that my hair isn’t long enough for either of the styles but I have to do something.  I love my day-to-day twist out but I would love a different look for my special day.

I have not used heat at all on my hair post big chop but I am pretty sure the salon will.  One day won’t kill my tresses.  I will keep you ladies updated and you guys will be the first to see my freshly styled hair.

Stay tuned beautiful



Product Review: Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme

Hello to all of my beautiful followers. I have been slammed with midterms and my 2 full times jobs so i apologize for not posting in quite sometime.

I ran out of my favorite curling pudding and my local beauty supply store can’t seem to get there hands on it either. I guess it’s just that good. I have been using my natural oils(coconut, olive and castor) when twisting my hair at night and i have been looking like a frizzy mess theses past couple of weeks. I didn’t know where to turn so i decided to try the creme of nature curl enhancing creme with Argan oil.

My first impression was that it smelled great. Not the fruity scent that i am used to, but more so a rich perfume.

I co washed my hair with my Tresseme conditioner that i absolutely love and stand by. Afterwards i towel dried my tresses and applied the creme to my hair then used my pick to assure that i was tangle free. I twisted my hair into several Bantu knots while wet and let it dry overnight. In the morning i untwisted and seperated each section and styled my hair with a side part.


I was not as pleased as i usually am with my usual pudding. My hair was a bit frizzy and wasn’t as silky as it usually comes out when i twist my hair. Much better than twisting with nothing but pure oils so it did tame my hair somewhat.

My takeaway: I would purchase this product again if my usual curling pudding was out of stock. This worked in terms of defining my curls but would not be my number one choice due to the lack of luster and the frizzyness.

Remember that everyone is different and you may swear by this product but it’s just not the product for me.
Thank you for reading beautiful 🙂

Do you know your hair type?

Before going natural I had a vision that everyone who goes natural ends up looking amazing like Elle Varner and Tracee Ellis Ross. A few months in I am noticing that my hair is a totally different texture from there’s but I am not at all disappointed. I love the way my hair looks everyday and I love the compliments most of all. I have tried a few different styles that work well with short natural hair. No matter how many YouTube video’s I watch of other naturals, my hair rarely comes out even close to what their finished hairstyle looks like. After chatting with another blogger she told me that I have to find styles for my “hair type” and asked what type of hair I have. Of course my next move was YouTube to find a video that explains the different hair types. Here is a great one and it’s just under 3 minutes.

After watching the video I now know that I have the 4c hair type based on the kinky texture of my hair. It is also VERY thick which I don’t mind (most of the time). If you are struggling with figuring out your hair type I hope this above linked video helps.

Until next time =)

Happy New Year From Aysha Michelle


Happy 2014 to all of my beautiful followers. Now is the perfect time to make a change that you have been procrastonationg on for quite some time. If you are fed up with slow hair growth and the burning sensation of a relaxer maybe now is the time make a change for the better. Keep in mind that not everyone can pull off a short do and doing the big chop cold turkey can be a scary experience. That limp hair on your head that you have been praying and hoping will grow sooner or later may need to go because of chemical damage.. NO you don’t have to rock an afro if that is the biggest of your worries. There are numerous protective styles out there to cover your kinks while you achieve a healthy scalp and flawless tressess. You don’t need REMY to magnify your beauty.

Until next time =)

Detangling Made Easy

Since my big chop  find it VERY difficult to run a comb through my hair no matter how wide the teeth are.  I purchased a detangling shampoo and used my Miss Jessie’s Creme De La Creme Condtioner and I am more than satisfied.


This is African Pride’s Shea Butter Miracle Detangling Shampoo.  I was skeptical at first because there are several shampoo’s out there that promise to detangle and I haven’t had much luck over the years whether my hair was relaxed or natural.  I shampooed my hair into a foamy lather and rinsed it out with warm water.

jesseAfter towel drying my hair I used Miss Jessie’s Creme De La Creme Conditioner.  I let it sit in my hair for about a half hour and it didn’t seem very creamy so I thought this process was going to be a total flop. BOY WAS I SOOOO WRONG!!!!! After washing out the conditioner I ran my wide toothed comb through my hair and to my surprise I promise you I didn’t run into 1 tangle, nap, pull or tug!!!!! I am more than pleased with my pain-free detangling process.

*All Smiles*

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