Product Review: Taliah Waajid: Curly Curl Gello

Hello all,

So I picked up a jar of curly gello from my local beauty supply store and I have to say that I am very pleased with my latest purchase.  This Gello is very light and smells absolutely amazing!  I have very thick, kinky hair and I used the product before doing two-strand twists for the night.  I applied the product to dry, untangled hair and made several twists then let it set overnight.  My twist out in the morning was great and not greasy at all!  I get a lot of residue from most of the products that I use.   This product left no residue on my hair.  Being that it is a “gello” I am glad that there was not a stiff, dry hold.  My hair was neat and my curls were intact.

Would I purchase this product again?  WITHOUT A DOUBT!




Product Review: Design Essentials Leave in Conditioner

I have found another product that is a MUST HAVE for 4C naturals!  I decided to spend the few extra bucks on DE leave in conditioner because I have extremely dry hair and the summer heat wasn’t treating my tresses well at ALL!!

I paid $10.79 for the product a my local beauty supply store.

My take:  The leave in is very lightweight and comes out in a light mist.  I used the product when I have my had in chunky twists as a protective style.  I sprayed it throughout my scalp in the morning and before going to bed and it did not leave any residue or build up.  It made my natural hair very soft and smells good.  When i removed my extensions my hair wasn’t tangled and was still nice and soft.  Will purchase again!!!


Summer Mini Haul- Black Soap and Shea Butter

I have been speaking with a friend who is very into using natural products and I was lectured for using store-bought lotions and soaps.  I am a huge fan of lotions that promise to mositurize all types of skin and soaps/ body wash that exfoliate the skin and smell yummy and exotic.  Personally I fell like I have “bad skin” and I am breaking out a bit more than usual so it is time for a change.

My face, chest, back and shoulders are not looking up to par so I took his advice and headed to my local beauty supply store and purchased pure shea butter and pure black soap.  I have used these products in the past but not consistently.



I will show you my progress or the lack of from using this pure combination.

Wish me luck.

Stay Beautiful


Product Review: Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme

Hello to all of my beautiful followers. I have been slammed with midterms and my 2 full times jobs so i apologize for not posting in quite sometime.

I ran out of my favorite curling pudding and my local beauty supply store can’t seem to get there hands on it either. I guess it’s just that good. I have been using my natural oils(coconut, olive and castor) when twisting my hair at night and i have been looking like a frizzy mess theses past couple of weeks. I didn’t know where to turn so i decided to try the creme of nature curl enhancing creme with Argan oil.

My first impression was that it smelled great. Not the fruity scent that i am used to, but more so a rich perfume.

I co washed my hair with my Tresseme conditioner that i absolutely love and stand by. Afterwards i towel dried my tresses and applied the creme to my hair then used my pick to assure that i was tangle free. I twisted my hair into several Bantu knots while wet and let it dry overnight. In the morning i untwisted and seperated each section and styled my hair with a side part.


I was not as pleased as i usually am with my usual pudding. My hair was a bit frizzy and wasn’t as silky as it usually comes out when i twist my hair. Much better than twisting with nothing but pure oils so it did tame my hair somewhat.

My takeaway: I would purchase this product again if my usual curling pudding was out of stock. This worked in terms of defining my curls but would not be my number one choice due to the lack of luster and the frizzyness.

Remember that everyone is different and you may swear by this product but it’s just not the product for me.
Thank you for reading beautiful 🙂

Product Review: Loreal Eversleek Repairing Smoothing Conditioner

I have been looking for a conditioner that rocks my world and keeps my hair semi-moisturized after rinsing it out. Before going natural I have always had dry, brittle hair. I use tea tree oil and virgin olive oil on my scalp daily but my hair is still very brittle. There has to be something out there that will not be absorbed into the depths of my scalp seconds after its applied to my hair.
th (5)
As I walked through the hair care section at Wal-Mart I read just about every conditioner bottle trying to find one that suits my needs. I came across the New Loreal Eversleek Conditioner. It stood out to me because it is recommended for damaged hair. Since my hair cannot retain moisture I figured maybe certain parts are damaged from my previous obsessive relaxing and flat ironing. It is also sulfate-free and silicone free with 48 hour frizz control. I bantu knot my hair every night before bed and sometimes I end up with frizzy hair in the morning so this product just had to come home with me.
I know a lot of bloggers boast about how amazing products are but I was not impressed. I used the conditioner as directed but after rinsing it out and bantu knotting it I was still at square one in the morning. The bottle claims to leave the hair manageable and shiny and it didn’t live up to this claim.
My journey to find the perfect conditioner to moisturize my hair continues. If you know of any products that work for you feel free to leave a comment.
Until next time =)

Happy New Year From Aysha Michelle


Happy 2014 to all of my beautiful followers. Now is the perfect time to make a change that you have been procrastonationg on for quite some time. If you are fed up with slow hair growth and the burning sensation of a relaxer maybe now is the time make a change for the better. Keep in mind that not everyone can pull off a short do and doing the big chop cold turkey can be a scary experience. That limp hair on your head that you have been praying and hoping will grow sooner or later may need to go because of chemical damage.. NO you don’t have to rock an afro if that is the biggest of your worries. There are numerous protective styles out there to cover your kinks while you achieve a healthy scalp and flawless tressess. You don’t need REMY to magnify your beauty.

Until next time =)

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

I have officially made it through 2 weeks of rocking my natural hair in public as well as at work. I must admit that I was extremely nervous to go to work after 7 years without some sort of extensions. The paranoia was all in my head because I have not heard one negative comment nor have I seen anyone stare at me like I was a mad woman. I have been getting compliments from complete strangers and it feel absolutely amazing to have my horn tooted by people I have never seen a day in my life.

I have been wearing my hair in a Bantu knot out since I have taken out my kinky twists. I will start experimenting with different styles and show you my end results as well as relay feedback that I receive from the public. My short cut suits me well and even though I have to twist it every night before bed I would not go back to a relaxer EVER!!!!! As my hair continues to grow I worry about the time it will take to prep my hairstyles once it gets longer. I am so glad that I made this decision and had the courage to flaunt my God-given hair shamelessly.

Until next time =)

Running Low on Primer?

The first thing that comes to mind when I see milk of magnesia is a laxative.  I have recently discovered that it has many uses that I have been over looking.

  1. Most importantly it is a great substitute for primer.  I tested out this theory because I have very oily skin.  I’m the woman that uses primer and before noon I’m shiny and I have to use paper towels to absorb the moisture.  I carry my bronzer with me at ALL TIMES because I have to re-apply throughout the day because of my oily skin.  I applied my make up directly on top of it and I am good to go.  Maybe Aysha Michelle is just a special case, but it worked just as well as my Victoria’s Secret primer and for that price you can’t beat it.  Just be sure to use the original formula.  There is no need to get fancy with cherry or mint flavored formulas.
  2. Antiperspirant
  3. Dandruff cure
  4. Acne treatment


So far I have only tested this theory of using it as a primer.  It has dramatically cut down my shine factor and is amazing at absorbing moisture.  I hope this helps you to cut back on the cost of skin care supplies because there are several products out there swearing to get the job done and nothing is promised to work because it has a mind blowing price tag.

Until next time =)


Since When is Sulfate a Hair No-No?

Lately I have been seeing and hearing people preach about sulfate-free shampoos.  A few years back I recall most people using what works for them based factors like moisture, texture or even fragrance.  We all have our go-to products and I was never big on reading the ingredients as long as my products worked for me.   I have used sulfate-free shampoos as well as shampoos with several types of sulfates in them.  If my opinion its the natural ingredients that make all the difference.  I LOVE it when I lather my scalp with shampoo and  get a huge pile of yummy smelling bubbles everywhere.  Fragrance is not everything and I am one of “those people” who needs a product that will moisturize and detangle. (YES I have broken my fair share of combs back in day)  I have decided to do a bit of research and see what other people think and if they actually noticed the difference.

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Upon surfing the web I have come to discover that sulfate and hair should NEVER mix.  Here are 3 good reasons laid out in black and white.

1. Like anything used in excess, sulfate can damage the hair follicles which ultimately can  lead to hair loss.

2. It may strip your hair and scalp of essential oils causing extreme dryness.

3.  For those with dyes in their hair, shampoos containing sulfate WILL strip your color faster causing you to get your hair dyed more often.

Sulfate-free shampoo’s cost a bit more but that shouldn’t sway you away from spending a few extra bucks on you.  Only you have walk around with your hair and it’s never too late to make a change.  Your hair will thank you later.

Until next time =)