First Attempt at a FroHawk

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to try out a new look for the holidays because 3 years of twist outs and bantu knots can be a bit…. predictable.  I tried something new and received several wonderful comments so I thought I’d share my new look with you guys!


This is my first attempt at a frohawk and I am very surprised and should have given myself a pat on the back!  I didn’t watch a tutorial or look up hairstyles to achieve this look.  I pulled my hair up at the sides and liked the look so I grabbed my Murray’s EdgeWax and some good ol’ bobby pins that I had laying around and got to work.  I applied my Edgewax to my edges and brushed it upwards as I applied several pins on the sides from front to back!  I used 3 pins in the front to hold down my itty bitty bang and VUALA!  My forhawk was born.  I wish I would have taken more pix to share but I wasn’t sure if everyone around me would have though I looked crazy because this was a new thing for me.  I should have had more confidence but hey,  we all doubt ourselves at times!


Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah,  Murray’s Edgewax is a must have!  It had the perfect hold and did not leave residue when I re-twisted my hair at night.


New and Upcoming Hair Care Brand Coco Amo®

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HNBD 6 Month Giveaway

Whoo hoo! The Natural Hair Blog Directory has officially been up and running for 6 months, and we are just about half way there to our 500 blogger/vlogger goal!


In celebration of such a great momentum to this point, we want to thank all of the naturalistas that have used and helped spread the word of the directory! One lucky naturalista will win a box of the following items listed below.

How to Enter:

We have SOOOO many ways that you can enter but only two are mandatory. Tell us how you found out about the giveaway and subscribe to the directory! You have exactly one month to enter as this giveaway ends on August 16th! The winner will be announced on August 18th! Good luck!

Graduating Class of 2014 Look

I met with a stylist Ashley Dolton yesterday and she did her thing.

Take a look at a potential graduation look for my upcoming ceremony at the Javits center.

1609946_10152110145486947_1647248526766685268_nI absolutely adore this look.  I never wear white but this look is showstopping!

The pop of pink on my lips tied it all in.

Great job

You can find her on IG: @virginpearls