First Attempt at a FroHawk

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to try out a new look for the holidays because 3 years of twist outs and bantu knots can be a bit…. predictable.  I tried something new and received several wonderful comments so I thought I’d share my new look with you guys!


This is my first attempt at a frohawk and I am very surprised and should have given myself a pat on the back!  I didn’t watch a tutorial or look up hairstyles to achieve this look.  I pulled my hair up at the sides and liked the look so I grabbed my Murray’s EdgeWax and some good ol’ bobby pins that I had laying around and got to work.  I applied my Edgewax to my edges and brushed it upwards as I applied several pins on the sides from front to back!  I used 3 pins in the front to hold down my itty bitty bang and VUALA!  My forhawk was born.  I wish I would have taken more pix to share but I wasn’t sure if everyone around me would have though I looked crazy because this was a new thing for me.  I should have had more confidence but hey,  we all doubt ourselves at times!


Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah,  Murray’s Edgewax is a must have!  It had the perfect hold and did not leave residue when I re-twisted my hair at night.


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