Natural Hairstyles for Special Occasions

I will be walking the stage with my Bachelor’s degree of science from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2 weeks!!!!  I am beyond excited and anxious to walk the stage after 4 lovely years of hitting the books.

As i put some thought into my attire for graduation of course I had to think of a few hairstyles that would work with me being that I have to wear my cap for the ceremony.  As you all know I did the Big Chop last October and I wear my hair out everyday but it is too still too short to fall down enough to fit under my cap.

I am sure that there are tons of successful, beautiful natural sisters out there with the same dilemma.  I made an appointment at a salon downtown to get my hair professionally done for graduation.  Here are the options that I am considering:



I am a little worried that my hair isn’t long enough for either of the styles but I have to do something.  I love my day-to-day twist out but I would love a different look for my special day.

I have not used heat at all on my hair post big chop but I am pretty sure the salon will.  One day won’t kill my tresses.  I will keep you ladies updated and you guys will be the first to see my freshly styled hair.

Stay tuned beautiful




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