Hair Growth Update

Good afternoon to all of my beautiful followers. I had a fantastic 15 day vacation to California and the Bahamas. I went to the Bahamas via cruise and had an amazing experience and met several amazing people. Before boarding the ship I tried to pack light and only brought a few hair products with me and I was all set for my 8 day cruise with no hair madness.
I packed my
-Beautiful Textures Defining Pudding
-Castor Oil
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Afro pic
I used a head band and 4 hair pins to create my hairstyles for vacation and BOY o BOY, I was getting compliments left and right. There were so many naturals aboard the ship and random people were asking me for advice on my hair regimen.
There was one picture that I took holding my coconut that I purchased in the Bahamas where my fro looks amazing.
My friends and family made me feel amazing with all of the compliments about my hair growth. I noticed that my hair is taking a bit longer to twist at night and when I pull my curls to twist them, my hair definitely stretches farther than it did back in October when I did the big chop. Knowing that others notice my progress is an amazing and motivating experience. I haven’t done an official length check but my twa amazes me and I love it.

I found a conditioner recommended to me by a blogger that I follow and it worked like a charm while I was away. I will post about it in the next couple of days.

Until next time =)


Beautifully and Perfectly Made

As seen in my November Post , I was in need of a getaway. My best friend since highschool planned a last minute 15 day get away to California and the Bahamas and my prayers were answered. We had a lovely time in California and she took a picture of my standing on a mountain over looking the Hollywood Hills.
While on our sigh-seeing tour we got a wonderful view of Los Angeles and I had a chance to appreciate nature in its purest form. The picture captured my tresses perfectly. My TWA (tiny-weenie afro) was perfectly curled and I just love this picture for the scenery as well as my do.

Hope you guys love it just as much.
Until next time =)

Do you know your hair type?

Before going natural I had a vision that everyone who goes natural ends up looking amazing like Elle Varner and Tracee Ellis Ross. A few months in I am noticing that my hair is a totally different texture from there’s but I am not at all disappointed. I love the way my hair looks everyday and I love the compliments most of all. I have tried a few different styles that work well with short natural hair. No matter how many YouTube video’s I watch of other naturals, my hair rarely comes out even close to what their finished hairstyle looks like. After chatting with another blogger she told me that I have to find styles for my “hair type” and asked what type of hair I have. Of course my next move was YouTube to find a video that explains the different hair types. Here is a great one and it’s just under 3 minutes.

After watching the video I now know that I have the 4c hair type based on the kinky texture of my hair. It is also VERY thick which I don’t mind (most of the time). If you are struggling with figuring out your hair type I hope this above linked video helps.

Until next time =)

Product Review: Loreal Eversleek Repairing Smoothing Conditioner

I have been looking for a conditioner that rocks my world and keeps my hair semi-moisturized after rinsing it out. Before going natural I have always had dry, brittle hair. I use tea tree oil and virgin olive oil on my scalp daily but my hair is still very brittle. There has to be something out there that will not be absorbed into the depths of my scalp seconds after its applied to my hair.
th (5)
As I walked through the hair care section at Wal-Mart I read just about every conditioner bottle trying to find one that suits my needs. I came across the New Loreal Eversleek Conditioner. It stood out to me because it is recommended for damaged hair. Since my hair cannot retain moisture I figured maybe certain parts are damaged from my previous obsessive relaxing and flat ironing. It is also sulfate-free and silicone free with 48 hour frizz control. I bantu knot my hair every night before bed and sometimes I end up with frizzy hair in the morning so this product just had to come home with me.
I know a lot of bloggers boast about how amazing products are but I was not impressed. I used the conditioner as directed but after rinsing it out and bantu knotting it I was still at square one in the morning. The bottle claims to leave the hair manageable and shiny and it didn’t live up to this claim.
My journey to find the perfect conditioner to moisturize my hair continues. If you know of any products that work for you feel free to leave a comment.
Until next time =)

Happy New Year From Aysha Michelle


Happy 2014 to all of my beautiful followers. Now is the perfect time to make a change that you have been procrastonationg on for quite some time. If you are fed up with slow hair growth and the burning sensation of a relaxer maybe now is the time make a change for the better. Keep in mind that not everyone can pull off a short do and doing the big chop cold turkey can be a scary experience. That limp hair on your head that you have been praying and hoping will grow sooner or later may need to go because of chemical damage.. NO you don’t have to rock an afro if that is the biggest of your worries. There are numerous protective styles out there to cover your kinks while you achieve a healthy scalp and flawless tressess. You don’t need REMY to magnify your beauty.

Until next time =)