Embrace Your Natural Beauty

I have officially made it through 2 weeks of rocking my natural hair in public as well as at work. I must admit that I was extremely nervous to go to work after 7 years without some sort of extensions. The paranoia was all in my head because I have not heard one negative comment nor have I seen anyone stare at me like I was a mad woman. I have been getting compliments from complete strangers and it feel absolutely amazing to have my horn tooted by people I have never seen a day in my life.

I have been wearing my hair in a Bantu knot out since I have taken out my kinky twists. I will start experimenting with different styles and show you my end results as well as relay feedback that I receive from the public. My short cut suits me well and even though I have to twist it every night before bed I would not go back to a relaxer EVER!!!!! As my hair continues to grow I worry about the time it will take to prep my hairstyles once it gets longer. I am so glad that I made this decision and had the courage to flaunt my God-given hair shamelessly.

Until next time =)


Product Review: Castor Oil

I have officially had my kinky twists in for 5 weeks and they still look amazing. I even got a compliment today from a complete stranger as to haw nice my hair looks. The last time I had my hair twisted I washed it several times because it was during the summer and I went swimming quite a bit. They became very frizzy and just looked bad after a month. This time around I have avoided all moisture. Tropic_Isle_Living_Jamaican_Black_Castor_Oil_8_oz__42314_1336544343_1200_1200
The only products that I have used these past 5 weeks are African Royal Sheen spray and black castor oil. I apply the oil to my scalp every night before tying my hair up in my silk scarf before bed. I use the sheen in the morning in each section and apply it directly to my scalp to make sure my scalp stays moisturized espically with the dry winter air.

My twists are not the least bit frizzy and my new growth is just over an inch so I definetly can’t complain.
Until next time =)


Makeup Brush Set on Sale

Tis the season to get your holiday shopping done.  I have never been shopping on black friday nor have been a participant of the whole cyber monday thing…. until now.  While on Facebook I saw a suggested page called “MobStub Daily Deals” so I decided to take a look.  They were featuring a 24 piece makeup brush set for only $22!!!!! I have my own assortment of Elf brushes but the more the merrier and I could not let this amazing deal pass me by.  The set is discounted for a limited time at 87% off.  They are offered in black, brown and pink.  I decided to purchases mine in pink of course (wouldn’t have it any other way).6962221380814428Set Includes:

  • Large Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
  • Large Powder Brush
  • Powder & Blush Brush
  • Large Bevel Contour Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Highlight Brush
  • Large Eye Shadow Brush
  • Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
  • Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Medium-sized Bevel Eye Shadow Brush
  • Nose Shadow Brush
  • Small Eye Shadow
  • Medium-sized Bevel Eyebrow/eye Shadow
  • Small Eye Shadow
  • Small Bevel Eyebrow / Eye Shadow Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Small Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
  • Lip Brush
  • Bevel Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush
  • Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Comb
  • Eyelash Brush
  • Fine Eyeliner Brush
  • Vegan Leather Case

I am super excited for them to arrive in the mail.  This could be the perfect holiday gift for the fashionable ladies in my family.  I will keep you posted on my personal opinion about my new brush set in terms of quality as well as their quality after I give them their wash.

Until next time =)