Ever wanted to just get away?

I sure do.  I think its about time I start seeing the world.  I live in upstate New York and I go to the city for school and work regularly.  With my busy life I have only been to places like Ohio, Virginia and Florida several times.  I have been searching for cruises for this coming winter break.  Only down side is I have no one to go with.  I would love to get away from the NY weather for once and escape to the Bahamas for 8 lovely days.  The cruise that I found leaves from New York and the prices are to KILL FOR!!!  I have made profiles for people seeking travel buddies and people in NY have responded and are willing to join me.

Does anyone think that’s a weird idea?  I am just tired of asking around and getting a ton of excuses.  You only live once and I think I am just gonna go with a complete stranger and hope it turns out well.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. isleofazure
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 02:29:17

    It is fun to travel, make sure you make your loved ones know where you will be daily, better to travel with someone you know and trust and have fun around the Bahamas, they say it’s beautiful!!!


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