Ever wanted to just get away?

I sure do.  I think its about time I start seeing the world.  I live in upstate New York and I go to the city for school and work regularly.  With my busy life I have only been to places like Ohio, Virginia and Florida several times.  I have been searching for cruises for this coming winter break.  Only down side is I have no one to go with.  I would love to get away from the NY weather for once and escape to the Bahamas for 8 lovely days.  The cruise that I found leaves from New York and the prices are to KILL FOR!!!  I have made profiles for people seeking travel buddies and people in NY have responded and are willing to join me.

Does anyone think that’s a weird idea?  I am just tired of asking around and getting a ton of excuses.  You only live once and I think I am just gonna go with a complete stranger and hope it turns out well.



Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

I must admit that I am super guilty of prolonging the process of cleaning my make-up brushes.  There are tons of make-up brush cleaners, solutions and washes that can get the job done but why spend a ton when you can save quite a few coins?  I have a 3 month old nephew and my sister has travel sized bottles on Johnson’s baby products.  I keep my brushes with me at all times in my make-up bag so last night after giving the baby a bath I used some of his baby wash to wash my make-up brushes ( I’m sure he didn’t mind).


Why should I bother cleaning my make-up brushes?

Make-up as well as the brushes and sponges we use to apply them carry bacteria, dirt,oil and germs.  After one use we are exposed to all the gross things that we cannot see with the naked eye.  I am quite sure you don’t want to have old make-up and dead skin cells on your freshly caked face.  The longer you wait the tougher the bristles will get and there’s no feeling like the gentle brush of freshly cleaned bristles.

Why not just use regular anti-bacterial soap?

Regular soap carries harsh chemicals. Sure it will get the job done but your brushes can and will dry out and those soft bristles will fall out soon after.  Baby wash is gentle and tear-free so it will cleanse your brushes without drying them out.

How often should I do this?

Once a week to say the least.  I wear make-up everyday no matter where I’m going or what my plans are so it’s best to prevent build-up and have healthy skin.

The Process

1. Wet a sponge and brushes with warm water.

2. Squeeze a small amount of baby wash onto the sponge and swirl your brush onto the sponge working up a good lather.

3. Rinse out soap from brush with warm water.

4. Gently squeeze out excess water from the brush and lay brushes flat on a dry paper towel to dry over night.

Make-up brushes are an investment and should be kept in tip top shape.  The cleaning process is simple and inexpensive so don’t avoid it or delay the process.  Your face will thank you.

Until next time =)

Running Low on Primer?

The first thing that comes to mind when I see milk of magnesia is a laxative.  I have recently discovered that it has many uses that I have been over looking.

  1. Most importantly it is a great substitute for primer.  I tested out this theory because I have very oily skin.  I’m the woman that uses primer and before noon I’m shiny and I have to use paper towels to absorb the moisture.  I carry my bronzer with me at ALL TIMES because I have to re-apply throughout the day because of my oily skin.  I applied my make up directly on top of it and I am good to go.  Maybe Aysha Michelle is just a special case, but it worked just as well as my Victoria’s Secret primer and for that price you can’t beat it.  Just be sure to use the original formula.  There is no need to get fancy with cherry or mint flavored formulas.
  2. Antiperspirant
  3. Dandruff cure
  4. Acne treatment


So far I have only tested this theory of using it as a primer.  It has dramatically cut down my shine factor and is amazing at absorbing moisture.  I hope this helps you to cut back on the cost of skin care supplies because there are several products out there swearing to get the job done and nothing is promised to work because it has a mind blowing price tag.

Until next time =)