Since When is Sulfate a Hair No-No?

Lately I have been seeing and hearing people preach about sulfate-free shampoos.  A few years back I recall most people using what works for them based factors like moisture, texture or even fragrance.  We all have our go-to products and I was never big on reading the ingredients as long as my products worked for me.   I have used sulfate-free shampoos as well as shampoos with several types of sulfates in them.  If my opinion its the natural ingredients that make all the difference.  I LOVE it when I lather my scalp with shampoo and  get a huge pile of yummy smelling bubbles everywhere.  Fragrance is not everything and I am one of “those people” who needs a product that will moisturize and detangle. (YES I have broken my fair share of combs back in day)  I have decided to do a bit of research and see what other people think and if they actually noticed the difference.

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Upon surfing the web I have come to discover that sulfate and hair should NEVER mix.  Here are 3 good reasons laid out in black and white.

1. Like anything used in excess, sulfate can damage the hair follicles which ultimately can  lead to hair loss.

2. It may strip your hair and scalp of essential oils causing extreme dryness.

3.  For those with dyes in their hair, shampoos containing sulfate WILL strip your color faster causing you to get your hair dyed more often.

Sulfate-free shampoo’s cost a bit more but that shouldn’t sway you away from spending a few extra bucks on you.  Only you have walk around with your hair and it’s never too late to make a change.  Your hair will thank you later.

Until next time =)


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